The visual effects career path

This is a session where we talk through the skills that are sought after in the Visual Effects (VFX) industry. We will look at some of the biggest globally released films and trace back the roles in the studios that produced them, to see what experience is best to prepare you to work in this area of the film industry. From here, we will consider what skills are taught and learned on our VFX degree pathway. Furthermore, there will be a discussion of the wide range of subjects that can form a strong base for working in the field of VFX. VFX is about simulating reality and convincing the audience that what we build is real. This process is both extremely artistic and technical, meaning that whether you consider yourself to be scientific or artistic, there is more than likely to be a career path that suits your background and education.

Character modelling on computers

In this session we will look at how we can use “digital clay” to sculpt a computer generated character. There will be a demonstration of high detailed character modelling using the software ZBrush. This will be followed by an interactive session where everybody gets to play around with sculpting their own character using some simple guides and tips. This process of character modelling is a vital step in the workflow for producing the photorealistic computer generated characters that we see in modern movies.

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