The University of Bolton is in partnership with the School of Sound Recording in Manchester. Through this collaboration we offer a number of highly popular sound engineering and film production courses, and are pleased to be able to offer the following taster session at the School of Sound Recording site in Manchester:

The taster session will run from 10am – 1pm and we are able to take up to 60 students per event. 

Upon arrival (after an introduction), we split the students into four groups.  Each group will then cycle though a series of four workshops.  These workshops will be:

Music Production

A music producer will take you though the process of music production.

He will pay a track and then isolate all the different parts.

He will then make a vocal recording (you can be the singer if you are brave enough!) and demonstrate how the vocal can be enhanced and affected.  He will then show how the track is mixed to get that final professional sound.

Live Sound

Live performance now accounts for over half of the music industry's income.  Find out what life is like on the road with a band.  Then using 'Virtual Stadium' Technology, have a go at mixing the Black Eyed Peas in concert.

Creating Sound For Films, Games and TV

Did you know that most of the sound you hear on films and TV is added after the filming.  Try dubbing your own voice to the characters in Coronation Street and see how we create horror sound effects a film dubbing suite.

Mixing Sound For Films, Games and TV

Watch an Audio Post Production engineer at work as he mixes all the sound for a film clip.  Lean how surround sound works as he places sound all around the room. 

The four student groups wil then reconvene for a summary and Q&A session.

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