The following three sessions form a one hour long enrichment session, they can be amended slightly as stand alone sessions or to suit certain age groups etc, but are primarily aimed at Yr12 & 13 students.

The 'Stroop Effect'

This is an introductory presentation which is interactive and also relys on audience participation - so great for slightly larger groups of students! It is presented in a way that will engage all age groups, firstly looking at the anatomy of the brain, then linking this to various cognitive processes including the 'stroop effect and inhibitory control (how the brain controls our behaviours and actions).

Social Psychology

From the Stroop effect we move onto social psychology - group processes and why we identify with certain individuals and groups and not others. This session is aimed at promoted discussion and debate, outlining how psychology has helped us to understand social identity and the 'power of the group'.

The 'Bystander Effect'

The Final element covers the 'bystander effect' and asks the question 'in what situation or circumstances would you be willing to helpsomeone?'. The evidence provided by psychological research is very surprising and thought provoking.

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