We have a wide range of Media, Writing and Production taster session, which fall into the following categories:

Film Studies

Cameras, Lights, Action!

How do filmmakers turn a studio set into a haunted house, a woodland shack or the scene of a midnight crime? The answer is all in the shooting and lighting. This session will give you the chance to light a film set and operate the camera to learn how the professionals create movie magic from a few lights, a handful of props and some wooden panels.

If creative storytelling is your passion then you’ll love this opportunity to explore the intricacies of dramatic lighting.


Tell me the story – storyboards and editing for television and cinema

This session is split into two parts.

How does a film director develop a storyboard? We'll start with looking at some of the best storyboards around,  you'll then develop a storyboard of your own for a short film sequence.

What's it like to be the video editor for  TV's Shameless.  Using original footage from the well known TV series you'll edit a short sequence and get a feel of what's involved in being an editor for television drama. 


Writing scripts is about making things up

Learn to tell lies effectively and then put this skill to good use through creating characters and projecting them into stories. This is a fun workshop which uses various games to introduce students to the elements of scriptwriting.  

Telling your story visually

We'll tell you all you need to know about how to build visual stories and then you will construct a story in 6 shots using only one line of dialogue.  This fun workshop will get you to work quickly and collaboratively and leave you with a finished story.