The creative writing faculty offer a wide range of enrichment opportunities for your students, falling into the following categories:


So you want to be the next J.K. Rowling ?

With sales of now over 350 million, the Harry Potter books have achieved the kind of success their author can't even have dreamed of. What are the chances of any other writer striking so lucky again? And, if it was going to be you, what would your stories need to be like? This session examines the writing at the heart of the Harry Potter phenomenon and, using exercises based on Rowling's writing, challenges the students to become the next bestseller .

Right from the start

Successful fiction writing is all about getting the reader hooked, and giving them a reason for keeping on reading. This session encourages students to try out some writing strategies for themselves – what has to happen at the beginning of a book to make the reader want to keep turning the pages.


Telling lies/making stories

How do we become good liars? Is a good liar, a good storyteller? How do we make our lies as engaging and convincing as possible – so that we can become good storytellers?  This session looks at how we can move from truth to drama.

Who's talking?

How do we create convincing characters and get them talking? What's the difference between chat and dialogue? This session encourages students to create dramatic characters and dialogue without losing sight of authenticity and emotional truth.


The underground world

Poetry is experiencing a renaissance at the moment in the world of small presses thanks to the fact that its short forms easily translate to the way we communicate today - via texts, Tweets and Facebook pages. Come and discover the newest voices on the poetry scene and see if you can write a small, perfectly formed gem yourself to share with a friend.  This session is ideal if you want to dip into poetry but don't know where to start and will offer lots of useful starting points.

Taking the plunge

You may dislike the thought of writing poetry but this session may surprise you. The writer will take you thought some inspiring, easy steps to get you writing about your own life and experience in free verse. The poetry workshop will help you bring your thoughts and dreams into sharper focus and unlock the secrets of writing using the senses and producing great images. We will also look at shaping and drafting your work - skills that are useful across all forms of writing.  

Professional writing

Writing - the profession

One of the strengths of the Bolton Creative Writing degree is the way it is based on the experience of professional writers. Here we take a look at the highs – and the lows – of making writing your chosen profession.