Big Data - What does the web know about you?

This workshop focuses on finding out what information is held about you on the web and how this 'big data' is shaping how companies operate. From Facebook and Twitter, to more commercial companies you can find out how your data is shared and used by international companies. This will be of interest to your students who would like to study Computing (although may interest other areas too).

Write a web page for your mobile device

Students will use different techniques and programmes to write a web page for a mobile device, are invited to bring along their mobile devices to test it on. This will be of interest to those interested in studying Computing and Web development.

Using open source web security tools

This workshop focuses on how to spot security vulnerabilities and network security issues using the Open Source Security tool. Students will also have the opportunity to take a copy of the software to use and practice at home. This will suit those students interested in studying Computer Networks and Security.

Software testing

This is a mini-lecture style workshop, offering an introduction to software testing and why it is critical to a project succeeding. It also includes a countdown of the top ten software disasters of all time.

Automate your life

This workshop focuses on emerging low-cost hardware and free software and downloads can make your life far easier. It includes hands-n demonstrations, and problem solving group work.

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