Materials Engineering Master Classes

The programme will include a short materials lecture, demonstration of composite materials and impact testing, materials modelling, materials testing, tensile testing and plenary session.

This session can last for a full day.

Construction/Civil Engineering Workshops

A variety of activities by request – examples of activities run in the past includes spaghetti bridges (building and earthquake testing) and applied maths workshops (activities chosen and tailored to teacher's requests).

Engineering Design Challenge/Crashworthiness

The challenge involves designing and constructing a structure to absorb the impact of a simulated collision. Working in teams and using a range of household materials (including foam, cotton buds and drinking straws), students must design and build a structure to absorb the impact of a swinging weight hitting a glass microscope slide. Teams compete against one another to find out which teams design is most effective at absorbing impact.

This session will last for two hours.

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