1. It's alive!

Creating characters and bringing them to life is the basis of all animation. In this workshop you'll create a monster character who can be hideous, adorable or a combination of both. Your monster can then be made to move in a repeat cycle of four to six separate drawn poses, and run as a sequence in Adobe Photoshop's animation feature.

2. Heroes and Villains

This workshop looks at how anatomy tells us about the personality and character of any drawn depiction of the human or superhuman figure. You can create your own hero or villain from the past, present or future and learn how to pose them for dramatic or comic effect. We'll also show you how to digitally colour them if you don't know already.

3. Worth 1000 words

A lot of illustration is a visual translation of words or ideas. In this drawing workshop you'll be shown how to turn well known phrases and sayings into pictures which will talk to the viewer without the need for written explanation. You'll be shown how not only what's in the picture is important but also how we see it and what you leave out can make the image more informative and entertaining to the viewer.

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