Student life isn't all about studying by day and partying by night, it's a chance to grow and develop as a person. It's a chance to improve on a talent, try something new or just meet some like-minded people who share similar interests. This is why it's a great idea to join or get involved with a club or society.

Mostly run by the Students' Union, these are activities organised for students by students it's easy to get involved, join or volunteer. What happens if you can't find a club or society that interests you? Simple, start your own!

What can I join?

There are loads of clubs and societies to choose from and you can be a member of as many as you like. Sporting clubs are always some of the most popular. At Bolton they welcome all levels of skill and ability so you can compete or train just for fun. To find out more visit the Students' Union Sports Club  webpages.

International Society

This is the most popular society on the campus with around 300 members. It brings together the University's multinational community and embraces the campuses cultural diversity. The society is open to all students who are interested, so it's easy to meet a range of friendly people from home and overseas to boost your social circle. The society holds all kinds of events through the academic year, even hosting an annual International evening where people can share their national dish and learn about a fellow students' culture. For more information Email :

For more information visit the Students' Union Societies webpages or the International Society webpage.

Why get involved?

University is about new experiences, meeting new people and challenging your self, joining a society or club is one of the best and easiest ways to do this. It will enhance your student life and campus experience, as well as being a great way to learn new skills and prospective employers are now, more than ever, eager to know you did more at university than just think and drink.