Confused by your CV? Perplexed by a Portfolio? Worried you will struggle to figure out your next step once you've finished your studies? Fear not, the University of Bolton's Careers Service has got you covered.

At the University of Bolton we strive to provide the best possible support to all of our students and graduates to help them gain employment and reach and achieve their career goals and aspirations.

Whether you are studying on a full-time or part-time basis, or you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student, we offer a range of careers and employability support adapted for your individual needs.

We can help you with exploring your career options, applying for job vacancies, writing a CV and covering letter, starting your own business, finding a work placement and developing those skills and attributes that employers look for.

We understand that getting your degree, post-grad or any other university qualification is just the first step on route to chasing your chosen career. Our Careers Service will help you pursue that dream job or advise you what to do next.

The specialist team of career advisors can give you impartial advice and practical guidance on a range of employment issues, such as tax, wages and becoming self employed. Not only do they have the knowledge to help you succeed but they can also put it into practice as they work with local and national employers, agencies and other graduate recruiters to bring you the latest opportunities.

If you're considering working part-time to supplement your student loan with some extra pocket money, get down to the Jobshop. It has excellent links with local job centres, schools and agencies so finding a job in and around Bolton should be no problem. It also keeps track of internal student posts in case you don't want to stray too far off campus.