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Bolton Partnership Bursary

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£400 per annum may be awarded to U.K. and E.U. undergraduate University of Bolton students whose household income is under £25,000, and who are progressing to a University of Bolton Higher Education course, from either a partner institution which has entered into a Progression Accord with the university, or an Access Course at University of Bolton. Students on PGDE/PDE courses are not eligible for this award.



The student must have commenced on their first undergraduate Higher Education course of study in September 2014 or later at University of Bolton and be paying tuition fees of £9,000. Fees must be paid via tuition fee loan or student must be self funded.

Applicants must be full-time U.K. undergraduate Higher Education University of Bolton students. The Bursary will be paid for first, not subsequent equivalent or lower level HE courses only.  

The student must have successfully completed an approved preparatory course of study at Level 3 (e.g. A-Levels) at the partner institution or an Access Course at University of Bolton.

The student must have firmly accepted an offer of a place on a full time course by 1st August for Trimester 1 entry, 1st January for Trimester 2 entry and 1st April for Trimester 3 entry. If the student has not accepted the offer of a place by the above dates, despite fulfilling other criteria for the Bursary the student will receive only half of the Bursary in the first year of study and the full award in subsequent years.

Partner Institutions with Progression Accord

The University of Bolton has entered into a progression accord with the following Colleges and Sixth Forms. Students studying on a Level 3 course at these centres and progresses to the University of Bolton may be able to apply for the Bursary.


Accrington & Rossendale College

Liverpool College

Alliance Learning

Loreto VI Form College

Aquinas College

Manchester College

Ashton under Lyne Sixth Form College

Oldham VI Form College

Bolton College

Oldham College

Bolton VI Form College

Pendleton College

Bury College

Rivington and Blackrod High School

Canon Slade School

Salford College

Craven College

Skills Solutions

Eccles College

Thornleigh Salesian College

Galway Technical College

Trafford College

Harlech College/Coleg Harlech

Turton VI Form

Holy Cross College

Westhoughton High School

Hopwood Hall College

Xaverian VI Form College

Knowsley Community College



How to apply

In order to receive the Bursary students must have applied for student funding via:| , regardless of whether applying for other support. This is because, although this is a University of Bolton award, payments are made from the Student Loans Company on behalf of the university.

Please note as the award is household income assessed you must apply for Financial Assessment of your student application to Student Finance England. 


First Trimester Bursary

Students who commence their studies in Trimester 1 will receive payment of £400 in May 2015 and each May for subsequent years of study.

Second Trimester Bursary

Students who commence their studies in Trimester 2 will receive payment of £200 in May 2015 and £200 in February 2016, payments in subsequent years will continue in instalments in May and February each year.

Third Trimester Bursary

Students who commence their studies in Trimester 3 will receive payment of £400 in May 2016 and each May for subsequent years of study.

Additional terms and conditions

Bursary payments will be terminated if the student withdraws, transfers to another institution or fails their programme of study. Bursary payments will be suspended if a student interrupts their studies.

Bursaries will not be paid to students undertaking industrial or work experience on a full time “sandwich” basis. Students studying abroad also will not be eligible to receive the Bursary. Payments are subject to continuing and satisfactory attendance on the course

The Bolton Partnership Bursary is not available to students in receipt of the National Scholarship Award or Vice Chancellor’s Award.

The Bursary will be paid for first H.E. courses only. 

Further information

For further information please contact:

Ms Karen Bentley
Student Funding Advisor

T: 01204 903497
F: 01204 903809

Please note: information given on this webpage is provisional and subject to change.