Teaching Responsibilities

Lecturer and researcher in Teacher Education


I am a teacher educator with over 25 years of teaching experience in different countries, settings and institutions. I was a university lecturer of English literature and drama in my home country, Slovakia, specialising on literary criticism as well as on using drama techniques in teaching English as a foreign language at different levels and for various age groups.  I was also leading specialised drama-based workshops for in-service EFL teachers from the region of Central Europe (Hungary, Austria, Macedonia, and Romania). In 2003 I completed my PhD. in Modern British Theatre and due to the family circumstances moved to the UK in 2004.

In the UK I have worked as an ESOL tutor, completed the PGCE/ESOL programme at the University of Bolton and later became a teacher educator. 

My current research is focused on teacher development and formative assessment skills. In 2013-14 I took part in the practitioner research project Fellowship Research Programme organised by the Institute for Learning and the University of Oxford. The final article will be published on the website of the IfL/ETF: “Examining the impact of formative assessment strategies (peer and self-assessment) embedded in the initial teacher education course on students’ learning and teaching skills”



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