• We are offering a challenging and contemporary postgraduate courses of study
  • The postgraduate programme is based on the principles of “practitioner-researcher” integrating the University of Bolton Teaching Intense – Research Informed (TIRI) agenda
  • It develops an enhanced and critical awareness of current issues within the education sector and practice
  • It is aimed at those professionals who already have experience and current employment in teaching and learning
  • It enables you to reflect on your own professional practice and exercise independent judgement in formulating creative solutions to complex problems
  • It is flexible, combining lectures, seminars, group and individual tutorials
  • You will be interacting in class as well as through virtual learning environments (VLE)
  • Our personal tutors are highly experienced and supportive experts in the field of educational research and practice


CourseMode of Attendance
Doctor of Education EdD Full-time / Part-time
Doctorate in Educational Leadership DEL Full-time / Part-time
Professional Development in Education MEd Full-time / Part-time
Educational Management MA Full-timePart-time
Inclusive Education MA Full-time / Part-time
Teaching & Learning MA Full-time / Part-time
Leading Learning MA Full-time / Part-time
Policy & Practice in Basic Skills Education MA Full-time / Part-time
International Educational Development MEd Full-time / Part-time


If you would like to learn more about the wealth of research we undertake here at the University of Bolton, download our Practice and Research in Education Journal:

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