Professional Biography:

  • Course Leader - HND Special and Visual Effects for Film and TV
  • Senior Lecturer - BSc Visual Effects for Film and TV
  • Link Tutor - Brooksby Melton College


I joined the University of Bolton to help shape and develop the VFX course core content. With more than a decade of industry experience, I have used my contacts to build strong links to companies such as Double Negative, Realtime UK and Visualisation One. As a result graduates from the BSc Visual Effects for Film and TV pathway have gone on to work on films such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Superman: Man of Steel and Batman: Dark Knight Rises. Graduates have also worked on TV series such as Doctor Who and Game of Thrones. As well as lecturing the second and final year students, I maintain active roles within industry. This has resulted in guest lectures and industry set projects by Double Negative and Cinesite. I am currently Texturing Supervisor on Monsters 2: The Dark Continent; a movie in which our current students have already had the rare opportunity to provide creative input.

Academic Interests:

I am interested in how new technology and software can enhance rather than restrict the creative process in artists. Much of my industry work has been based around developing scripts and tools to produce complex artistic effects, as well as evolving pipelines in order to free the artist from repetitive robotic tasks. The practical exploration and implementation of these ideas are central to the PhD proposal that I am currently developing.

Academic Responsibilities:

I lecture across VFX and SFX subject areas. I am employment champion for subject group, with responsibility for building and maintaining bridges with industry. Also student employment, student mentoring, student supervision and I am course lead for the HND pathway.

Research interests (topics and supervision)

Optimisation of the VFX character texturing pipeline for film. Comparing and contrasting software. Integrating the Foundry's Mari into the character production pipeline through good practice and the development of supporting python tools and scripts.

Industry Awards and Qualifications

BECTU Accredited Award - Awareness in use of explosives, detonators and Accessories
Big Chip Award 2009 - Best Use of Animation - AHD Imaging - AHD168
Big Chip Award 2011 - Best Use of Animation - Mi - The Sharp Project

Industry Achievements

  • Texturing Supervisor - Monsters 2: The Dark Continent - The sequel to Gareth Edwards' Monsters (2010)
  • Character Texturing Workflow - BBC - History Cold Case
  • Next Gen Games Characters - Evolution Studios - Motor Storm: Pacific Rift PS3
  • Co-Operative Head Office Manchester - Mi - Marketing Video
  • Associate/Lead Tool Developer - Mi
  • Lead Tool Developer - AHD Imaging