Richard has a back ground in fine art and in 2010 completed a degree in Special Effects Development for which he received a first class with honours. He has also completed a PGDE in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

‘I find it incredibly rewarding to have a hand in the development of a young artist’s career and find it especially fulfilling to do this not only directly by teaching but also through my involvement with the course as a whole,’ said Richard. 

As well as teaching he is also keenly involved in the thriving North West Independent film industry as a freelance FX artist. Since graduating he has worked on several projects which have been very well received within the community. 

‘On each of these projects I have strived to involve my students wherever I can,’ said Richard. ‘On the larger projects student involvement can be quite substantial with students forming a large portion of the crew. I believe my work within the film industry is important as it gives me the opportunity to involve students in the projects, drives my desire to work in the film industry and gives me an opening to share my experience and knowledge.’


My lecturing takes place at undergraduate level.

Research Interests

Richard is interested in developing 3D printing within the field of FX and also creating a modern learner-centric framework for teaching/delivering content in modern academia.

Notable Projects

  • 2013 Fuse Award winning short, ZomCo-Waste management and body disposal, (filmed 2011) - SFX supervisor and Prop master
  • 2013 GI Award winning short, Fallout, (filmed 2012) - SFX supervisor