Professional Biography

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Module tutor: Mathematical Methods 2 (Calculus) (Level 1)
  • Module tutor: Structured Programming for Mathematics (Level 1)
  • Module tutor: Vector Analysis (Level 2)
  • Module tutor: Dynamics (Level 2)
  • Module tutor: Differential Equations and Applications (Level 3)
  • Module tutor: Fluid Dynamics (Level 3)
  • Dissertation coordinator
  • Exams officer


Since graduating with a BSc in Mathematics and achieving a PhD in Applied Mathematics (On High Resolution Finite Difference Schemes for the Euler Equations), I have been employed at the University of Bolton since the early 1990s.

My academic interests include viscous fluid dynamics, particularly the use of transform methods and asymptotic analysis to solve unsteady incompressible flow problems; water waves, including the development of analytical solutions of the governing equations and the use of complex analytical methods to determine surface waves in flows around obstacles; and elasticity, where my interest is in the use of complex variable methods in the solution of the biharmonic equation of plane strain theory.

I am a tutor on a variety of mathematics modules, a dissertation co-ordinator and an exams officer also.