I have a background in working with domestic violence perpetrators on integrated programmes within a multi-agency framework.  In addition, I have researched and taught in policing/safeguarding environments. This work has enhanced and supported theoretical teaching in a variety of subject areas.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Foundation year Coordinator
  • Dissertation supervision HE6 & 7
  • Mentor student teachers (PGDE & PGCE)            
  • Socio & Criminological theory
  • Law Justice & Punishment
  • Fair Treatment Ethics
  • Research Methods
  • Safeguarding
  • Group Dynamics

Research Interests and Research Subject Specialisms

  • Drug & AlcoholViolence
  • Policing Domestic Violence (mulit agency)
  • Police Health & Wellbeing: Stress Factors
  • Perpetrators of Domestic Violence & Child Maltreatment
  • Organizational DV Policy & Practice
  • Socio Legal Studies 

Publications and Research

Bateman, W. (2002) Internal Report: Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme (DVIP) Initial Evaluation Findings.  PDVI.

Bateman, W., Hepworth, C., Stevens, R.  (2014) Evaluation of Greater Manchester Police Programme: Violence Awareness in the Night-time Economy Report.

Bateman, W., White, D. (2003) Evaluation of Boston Emergency Medical Domestic Violence Policy & Procedures Report.  Boston EMS.

Bateman, W., Smith, C. (2002) An Exploration of Women’s Help-Seeking Behaviour and Experiences in the Context of Interpersonal Abuse: Qualitative Research Findings.  The Scarman Trust on behalf of The Millennium Commission.

Bateman, W., Whitehead, K. (2004) Health Visitors’ Domestic Violence Routine Questioning Tool: An Exploration of Women’s Experience, Effectiveness and Acceptability.  International Journal of Health Promotion and Education. 42(1) 14-22.

Wan, M.W., Bateman, W. (2007) Adolescents and Intimate Partner Violence: Evaluation a Brief School Based Education Programme. International Journal of Health Promotion & Education 45(1) 17-23.

Additional Research Activities:

University of Bolton: PhD ‘inter-rater’ coder