Professional Biography

Teaching Responsibilities

Programme lead for the Specialist Community Public Health Programme (SCPHN) Health Visiting.

V100 Non-medical Prescribing 


I qualified as a nurse in 1993 and worked for several years in a variety of surgical settings. I have been a health visitor since 1997 and have always been highly dedicated and passionate about the role. I am committed to supporting families in the important early years and believe in the unique role played by health visitor.

My particular interest is in infant emotional health and I have undertaken additional training in early attachment and brain development (including NBAS training and Solihull Approach training). I also have an interest in parenting and am a qualified ‘Triple P’ parenting practitioner.

In practice, I became involved in an early attachment service developed in Tameside in conjunction with the child and family mental health team. It involved delivering Solihull training to many professionals working with young children and families. This led to my interest in teaching.

In January 2010, I entered the field of research as a research Health Visitor. I wanted to broaden my professional horizons and I was interested in developing evidence-based practice in the health visitor’s role. The research that I worked on was specifically aimed at examining how parents are supported in their role caring for children with a chronic health condition. I developed my skills as a researcher. This led to the successful award of a scholarship to undertake a master’s degree in clinical research at the University of Manchester. In September 2013 I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Research (MRes). I am keen to develop a more robust evidence base for the profession and am committed to delivering these skills to students on the course.

I began my career as a lecturer at the University of Bolton in June 2013 and I have been involved in supporting the increased numbers of Health Visiting students through the governments ‘Implementation Plan’.

Research Interests

  • Parenting
  • Infant mental health
  • Solihull approach