Biographical Information

Tim began his career in the computer graphics industry working for the National Theatre, producing visuals for theatre productions. He then worked with various studios on TV and Architectural Visualisation projects for several years.

After that Tim set up his own company with several colleagues and worked with  clients such as Sony and Double Six, producing both rendering animations and video game assets. It was in 2005 that he moved fully into the games industry with a company called Juice Games and helped produce the famous Juiced franchise and the unreleased title Stormbirds. In 2007 Tim left Juice Games to join the University of Bolton and helped to set up the Games Art course.

Academic Interests

Research into games art production

Academic Responsibilities

Games Art Course Leader

Research interests (topics and supervision)

Games Art

Art production in modern media

Traditional art and modern art media cross over

Rendered visuals

Real-time visuals

Life events visuals