All extensions may be dialed directly from outside the university by prefixing with '90'; e.g. extension 3671 becomes 903671. The international code for Bolton is (+44) (0)1204.

Engineering Staff
Name Job TitleRoomExtensionEmail
Dr Safa Alhakeem Senior Lecturer B1-004b 3833
Peter Atkinson  Programme Leader (Automobile & Mechanical Engineering)  M1-031  3468  
Ann Boardman  Programme Administrator B1-011a  3475
Karen Heywood  Administration Manager B1-011a  3336  
Dr Keith Holmes Senior Lecturer B2-003 3471
Norman Lloyd Senior Lecturer B1-004b 3472
Martin Sinclair Senior Lecturer B1-004b 3466
Tim Ward Senior Lecturer B1-004b 3464
Dr Erping Zhou Programme Leader (BSc Mechatronics Top-up)  B1-004b 3465  
Dr Chan Hwang See
Lecturer in Engineering (Electrical & Electronic) B2-03 3534
Dr Akram Bati  Lecturer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering B1-004   3525 
Dr Ioannis Paraskevas Lecturer Automotive Performance Engineering CAPE 3847