Head of Centre for Dental Sciences

Teaching responsibilities

  • Fixed Prosthodontics
  • Removable Prosthodontics
  • Dental Biomaterials Science
  • Dental Anatomy and Physiology
  • Quality Assurance
  • Professional Practices
  • Advanced Dental Technology Techniques
  • Dental Implantology


Robert has been appointed at the University of Bolton to lead the development of a brand new Centre for Dental Sciences. This innovation will be unique in the dental education sector as it will deliver courses for all Dental Care Professionals utilising a range of funding models to deliver courses on different academic levels. This includes Trailblazer Higher Apprenticeships, Undergraduate provision and Continued Professional Development.

His career started in 1987 as a trainee Dental Technician. At this time there was no regulatory requirement to be educated in this subject.  In 1992, Robert started his own Dental Laboratory in Coventry focusing on the manufacture of fixed prosthodontic appliances. He worked hard at developing a high level of customer confidence in his quality of product and customer service. During 1994 Robert took the decision to go back into education on a part time basis and study Dental Technology at the Matthew Boulton College of Further Education in Birmingham.  He was awarded the Student of the Year in 1998 for academic excellence.

Robert continued to build his business over the following years with a strong educational ethos for his employees. He was fully supportive of the change in regulations which saw the role of a Dental Technician recognised as a professional role by the General Dental Council in 2006.

It was during this period that Robert was asked to return to teach at his old college in Birmingham. He committed to the role in order to continue to develop the educational experience for new dental professionals.

Within two academic years Robert had decided to focus his career in education driven mainly by the need for a more structured life brought on by starting a family.

His role quickly changed from being a lecturer into a manager and under his lead the department grew into the second largest Dental Technology department in England.

His final role at the college saw him promoted to Assistant Director for Medical, Dental and Health with responsibility for over 950 students.

A keen project manager, Robert has always engaged with technology, world leading companies and employers. His best example of this collaborative approach can be seen at the Matthew Boulton Campus, Birmingham Metropolitan College where in 2013 Robert lead the design and installation of the Straumann Centre of Excellence. This bespoke conferencing centre offers digital training and dental implant education to dental care professionals and students.

Research Interests

Skeletal Facial Dimensions and the Visible Inter Dental Arch.

Recycling of Dental Zirconia Oxide


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