Lecturer in Civil Engineering

Teaching responsibilities

Mathematics, Statistics, Hydraulics, Water Engineering, Urban Drainage.


My industrial experience includes 18 months in construction planning in Portugal and 30 months as a consultant engineer for drainage and site development for Arup UK.  I have now spent 5 years in higher education lecturing HNC to MSc hydraulics and water engineering.  During this time I have developed my interest in hydraulic and hydrologic areas allowing me a more practical approach to the growing problem of flooding, drainage design and drainage maintenance.  My PhD and post doctoral research in changes in soil permeability during deep foundation construction has helped identify the multidisciplinary issues that contribute to flooding and flood risk. 

Following undergraduate projects I am running a series of MSc dissertations in designing for exceedance, natural ground storage and sediment transportation.  The development and findings of this research provides material on current engineering issues which is, in turn, used in both theoretical and applied engineering lectures.  I have set up and run the Industrial Tutors Programme for 3 years.   The scheme is set up with the participation of Industrial Advisory Board members who also provide advice and feedback to best develop the programme for future years.  The scheme provides undergraduates with opportunities to meet practicing engineers, seeing first-hand the engineering working environment and establish preliminary contacts in industry.  I am the secretary for the IAB and honorary secretary for the ICE North West Regional Executive Board and Regional Committee.

Research interests

Sediment release around weirs, open channel sediment transportation, variation of the runoff coefficient on flood analysis, implementation of safety factors in drainage design, exceedance drainage design, preferential flow paths in clays deep foundation construction.


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