• Mohamed Abdelaal: Improving Construction Work Flow with a combination of Last Planner and Location- Based Management Systems
  • Rukaya Abowen Dake - Exploring facilitators of social construction procurement in England: housing associations’ and construction contractors’ perspectives
  • Sara Aghababaei - Sustainable Development of Tehran Bazaar: Merging Traditional Values with Modern Design Through Regeneration
  • Sherif Ahmed: Implementation of BIM for Construction Projects in Qatar
  • Abdulla Al Seiari - Improving asset management and maintenance strategies in the UAE
  • Sadeq Al-Turfi - Best Practice Project Management for the Sustainable Regeneration of Holy Kabala Province in Iraq
  • Josiah Arulefela - A case study of psychological stress in construction site workers in Nigeria
  • Sami ElShafie - Basalt fibre lengths and proportions and their effect on concrete
  • Hassan Emam - Optimising Project Controls for Construction
  • Joseph Falzon - An examination of the current regeneration policies in relation to the tourism and leisure industry in Malta: A case study of historic buildings in the Maltese Islands
  • Jane Hunter - The development and use in infrastructure planning and monitoring of bicycle user effort profiles
  • Katherine Ibbotson - Improve the prioritisation of capital carbon and operational carbon into option appraisals within UK Public Sector
  • Ioannis Karamitsos - Examination of the relationship between the organizational core business and facilities management strategy
  • Muxin Liu - Construction health and safety: a comparison of UK and Chinese culture
  • Sherif Mohamed - A neural network model for predicting early cost estimates of construction projects in Qatar
  • Jessica Nabumma - A Comparative Analysis of Mature and Immature Real Estate Markets
  • Patrick Onukwuli - Security of Tenure as the Underpinning Factor in Efficient Land Administration – A Paradigm for Nigeria
  • Colin Orr - Managing Institutional Change for the 21st Century: Architectural Technology as a Profession in Society
  • Clive Robinson - Evaluation of Community Action Groups impact on regeneration of heritage buildings in the North West of England
  • Margaret-Mary Rutherford - Examining the success of housing regeneration initiatives in creating sustainable local housing markets
  • Heba Sabboubeh - Sustainable architectural design in Palestine



  •  David Ward - Investigating condensation damp issues in Social Housing