Teaching Responsibilities:

Lecturer in Business and Management


I joined the University in May 2015 after successfully completing my PhD in the area of Marketing with my thesis entitled 'Fantasy Game-Product Congruence: An exploration of Game Advertising and UK Gamer attitudes towards Around-Game advertising through Promotional Merchandise'.

Prior to this I was an associate lecturer at a Scottish University where i completed two MSc's in Multimedia communication and International Marketing, which complimented by BA Honours in Business Administration with Information Management. I have also completed my PGCert in Research Methods.

My academic experience has been complimented with professional experience gained from both my roles as a CEO and Marketing Director of a video and computer games company. These roles involved the offering consultation services to other games companies based throughout the West of Scotland as well as developing and implementing the company’s overall marketing strategy including various digital marketing campaigns via social media.

 My research interests include but are not limited to: business history, consumer behaviour, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, ethical marketing, integrated marketing communications, marketing strategy, research methods, SMEs, social media marketing, systematic literature reviews and video & computer games.

Recent Publications

Smith, M W, Sun, W and, Mackie, B, (2014) 'In-Game Advertising influencing factors: a Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis', The Computer Games Journal, 3(2a), pp102-131

 Smith, M W, Mackie, B, Sun, W and, Sutherland, J, (2014), ‘How can Coca-Cola Advertise in World of Warcraft? An Exploratory Examination of Gamers attitudes towards Around-Game Advertising’, LCBR European Marketing Conference 2014, 7-8 August 2014, Munich, Germany

 Smith, M W, Sun, W, Sutherland, J and, Mackie, B, (2014), 'Game Advertising: A Conceptual Framework and Exploration of Advertising Prevalence', The Computer Games Journal, 3(1), pp94-123

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Smith, M W, (2010), ‘An Investigation into the Possible Effects of In-Game Advertising on Gamers’ Consumer Brand Attitude and Buying Behaviour’, 6th Annual Scottish Doctoral Management Conference, University of St Andrews, 27th/28th May, 2010