Studied philosophy at the University of Liège (Belgium) and classics at the University of Manchester (U.K.).  She holds a Licence en Philosophie (Liège), a PGCE (Liège), an MPhil in Classics (Manchester) and a PhD (Liège).  She was a post-doc at Yale and has taught in universities in continental Europe (Liège) and the United States (State University of Connecticut and Villanova University).  In 1978, after a spell at the University of Lincoln, she joined the staff of the University of Bolton.  She currently holds the post of Professor of Ancient Philosophy and is an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Manchester.  Having early in her career translated Gilbert Ryle’s The Concept of Mind into French and published in the tradition of analytical philosophy, she now concentrates her research on ancient Greek philosophy, specialising in the moral psychology and the poetics of Plato, Aristotle and Plotinus.  She has been in receipt of grants from the British Council, the Fulbright Commission, the Hardt Foundation and the AHRC.  She is the co-editor of The International Journal of the Platonic Tradition and the Vice-President of the International Society for the Study of Neoplatonism.  She served as an advisor on the Philosophy panel at the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise.  A selection of her publications is listed below, with asterisked items being downloadable from the institutional repository. 

Research and Publications

Authored Books

Aristotle's Philosophy of Friendship, State University of New York  (SUNY) Press, Ancient Philosophy Series, 1995.

Co-edited books

  1. Ancient and Medieval concepts of Friendship, (with G. Gurtler, S.J.), State University of New York Press, 2014.
  2. Reading Ancient Texts.  Volume I: Presocratics and Plato.  Essays in Honour of Denis O’Brien, (with K. Corrigan), Brill, 2007;
  3. Reading Ancient Texts.  Volume II: Aristotle and Neoplatonism.  Essays in Honour of Denis O’Brien, (with K. Corrigan), Brill, 2007;
  4. Europe: Concepts and Realities, (with M.T. Lunati), Edwin Mellen Press, 2000;
  5. Culture and Identity: Selected Aspects and Approaches, (with R. Whitehouse et T. Rachwal), University of Silesia Press, Katowice, 1996.

Articles/Book Chapters/Review articles

  1. ‘The Problem of Consciousness in Plotinus’, in Consciousness and the Great Philosophers, ed. by Leach, S and Tartaglia J., Oxford University Press Forthcoming, 2016.
  2. Homoiōsis Theōi in Plato and in Plotinus’ in J. Finamore and S. Wear (edd.), Defining Platonism: Essays on Plato, Middle and Neoplatonism, and Modern Platonism. Forthcoming, Cambridge University Press, 2016.
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