You said                                      

You would like to have private interview spaces for our one-to-one appointments.

We did

The Careers Office is now creating interview rooms and making the space more user-friendly.

You said You asked us to be more proactive in advertising jobs
We did We are now investing in a new system (Career Hub) for 2015 which will allow us to communicate more effectively with students on a range of issues.  We have also improved our social media presence and now advertise all opportunities via Facebook, Twitter and through Prospects online.
You said You said you would like us to provide more drop in appointments so that you can see a Careers Adviser quickly.
We did We have now made a duty slot available every day so that students can discuss any quick queries they may have.  We also expanded our Careers Team.
You said You said you would like more input or group sessions on volunteering opportunities.
We did Our Volunteer Coordinator is now attending a range of sessions within the curriculum to provide more information on volunteering.