Step 1:

Do not 'left click' the hyperlink, this will open the document inside your web browser and complicate matters when trying to save the edited form.

Right click on the link CV Template and click Save Target As…

Right click and save instruction  

Step 2 :

The 'Save As' menu box will now open. Change your file name from CV Template to your own name Eg. Mary Peters.   It is important that you change the file name to your own name, so that when we receive your CV we can easily identify it.

If you are using Office 2007, please change the Save As type to Word 97 - 2003 document before saving your document.  If you are using an older version of Microsoft Word, simply save your document as a normal word document.

Make sure you save your document to a location where you will be able to find it easily such as your Desktop and click Save.

Step 2 Save

Step 3 :

When you have click save another box will appear called Download complete. Click on the Open button and this should open your document within Microsoft Word.  Once you have completed your details on the CV, save your CV and return it to us at the email address.

Step 3 Open