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Experienced students who volunteer to support you! 

     logoThe  Student Peer Mentoring Scheme was launched in 2010-11 and 56 student volunteers (peer mentors) successfully mentored 59 students (mentees). Due to the commitment of our volunteers during the last 3 years, the scheme has expanded across a variety of courses. Today, the Student Peer Mentoring Scheme continues to focus on helping new students who require assistance; the scheme is also available to existing students who feel they could benefit from peer support.  

The mission of the Student Peer Mentoring Scheme is to improve the student experience by providing additional study skills support and personal support to first year students in order to help them progress with their studies and remain in Higher Education. In addition to this, the scheme aims to assist the student volunteers (peer mentors) in enhancing their employability skills and personal development.


 191 Volunteers (Peer Mentors)  so far!


 226 Students (Mentees) supported so far!


 Are you interested in joining this successful scheme?

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