What Support is Available?


Types of support


There is support available for all disabled students, including those with health conditions, mental ill health, specific learning difficulties, on receipt of suitable evidence (such as a diagnostic report for specific learning differences or a Doctor/Specialist/Psychiatrist letter|). We can advise you on the type of evidence you will require, and on the individual arrangements that you could expect.

All discussions with the Disability Advisors concerning your individual requirements are in confidence. 


University Support

On receipt of a specialist report or medical evidence the University can put in place the following support as required, for when your studies begin: 

  • Accessible accommodation in the Halls of Residence

  • Access to car parks

  • Liaising with tutors concerning your individual requirements, with your express written permission. The information that is sent to your tutors will be agreed with you before it is sent. Examples of requirements could be:

    • Printed materials in an alternative format (Braille, large print, on coloured paper etc.)

    • Materials in advance of lectures

    • Directed reading lists

  • Individual exam arrangements (in line with the Individual Exam Arrangements Procedure for Disabled Students), for example:

    • Extra time for exams

    • Use of a scribe/reader

    • Rest breaks

    • Use of a room with minimal distraction or an individual room 

    • Use of a computer

    • Alternative format exam papers

  • Library book loan extensions

  • Help with retrieving and collecting Library books

  • Loans of equipment (laptops, digital voice recorders, ergonomic chairs, lumbar cushions, footrests)

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Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)


There is funding available to pay for support required by disabled students and those with specific learning differences. This is called the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). More details of this Allowance, along with downloadable forms can be found on the Student Finance websites (see below).

Not all students are eligible for DSA, please contact us for advice if you will be studying very few modules each semester, or doing a short course.

If you already have evidence of your medical condition or SpLD, you should apply for DSA well in advance of the start of your course, as it can be a lengthy process. You can apply up to 6 months before the start of your course.

The forms can be downloaded from the Student Finance sites, as mentioned above. Please contact us if you require help with completing the form or advice about what evidence to provide.

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The University Counselling Service| |is available for students who may be experiencing difficulties either directly related to a disability or not. You can speak to a Counsellor in complete confidence about issues that are impacting on your life at the University and may be having a detrimental affect on your ability to study.

There is a female counsellor available if required.


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