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What Service do we offer?

We offer an impartial and confidential information and advice service to students on a range of financial issues. We can identify what types of government and university funding you may be entitled to, provide information on tuition fees, and update you on the financial changes for the next academic year.

If you are having difficulty managing your finances whilst studying at University, we can help you work through your problems with budgeting and money management sessions. Learn how to manage your finances and avoid getting into debt.

Drop in and see us

If you would like to enquire about the availability of funding, require help with budgeting or a more detailed discussion, a Student Funding Advisor is available by e-mail, telephone or face to face in the Student Centre, Mondays to Fridays from 11am till 1pm with the exception of Wednesdays when the drop-ins are held from 1pm-3pm. Appointments are also available on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Paying your Tuition Fees

If you are having any trouble with your fees please get in touch, as arrangements can be made to spread the cost of tuition fees. They can be paid by three termly instalments or eight monthly direct debit payments.

If you wish to make arrangements to pay or have any other enquiries regarding payments please contact:

Financial Services Office,
Chancellor's Mall,
Telephone 01204 903180 or 01204 903182 
Email:  creditcontrol@bolton.ac.uk

For details of how to pay and the university bank details please click here

Help with Student Finance England

If you are having problems with your student funding and wish the Student Funding Advisor to contact Student Finance England on your behalf, you will need to set up "Third Party Consent to Share".

This means that an advisor from the university can speak to Student Finance England regarding your application for student funding on your behalf, without the need for you to be present, to facilitate this process you must first contact Student Finance England and give permission for your information to be shared with a third party.

To set up Third Party Consent to Share:

  • Contact Student Finance England: 0300 100 0607
  • Request to set up Third Party Consent to Share be given to the advisory team at my University
  • Create your own Consent Password

You will then need to notify the Student Funding Advisor of your Customer Reference Number, chosen Consent Password and student details.

Please see the form which gives instructions on how to set up consent to share here

Student Loan Repayments

The Student Loans Company have a dedicated website regarding Student Loan repayments:


Please note when you are in the repayments system if you change your home address or name or have a period of residence abroad that exceeds three months you must notify the Student Loans Company of the change within six weeks or they may impose a "non compliance interest rate" of RPI + 3%. 

National Student Money Week and Funding Survey

Each year the university holds in conjunction with NASMA (Natiional Association of Student Money Advisors) a National Student Money Week. During this week money related competitions and advice sessions are held. For details of the 2016/17 NSMW activities please see here 

We also, during NSMW, conducted a short survey on students awareness of the funding service and the advice they had been given. Results of the survey can be seen below:

Awareness of the Funding Service


The survey highlighted that some students are not aware of when and where we are available. As a result of this we are going to give out infromation on our service availability to each student we see at enrolment and contact the Programme Leaders for each subject area to give them the same infromation to pass on to their students. Below are some of the comments we received on the surveys:

"I think it is a really good thing to offer students so much advice on multiple occasions! Did not experience that at my home uni"

"great student services"

"The funding advisors are very helpful and the support advisors. They go above and beyond"

"Their services is fantastic, they always like to help"

"Good clear advice about Postgrad funding. Thank you"

"More than satisfied with their help and their advice"

We will continue to survey students to contiually improve our service. Please feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions regarding the funding service:


Last reviewed and updated September 2017