At the University of Bolton, we want to provide accommodation that students choose to live in and that is safe. When things stop working or need to be repaired, we want you to be confident that they will be put right quickly and effectively.

Reporting Repairs

We would ask you to report any defect/repair as soon as they are discovered to your Warden or Caretaker. Please make these reports at the Wardens’ Lodge. Halls staff will keep a record of the defect you have reported. Please be aware that whilst you may stop a member of Halls staff to advise them of a defect on site unless the report is made at the Wardens’ Lodge we cannot guarantee a record of your report will be kept.

Alternatively if you are unable to report the defect at the Wardens’ Lodge you can email


or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

When reporting defects please give as much information as possible so we can decide how urgent it is and process it efficiently. When you email us to report your repair, please tell us:

  • your name
  • your hall, flat and room i.e. Orlando Village Flat 1 Room 5
  • the location of the repair
  • as much information as possible about the defect/repair

Emails notifying us of a defect without the full information may not be responded to. Emails will be checked at the start of each working day.

Emergency Reports outside of Office Hours

If you believe the defect poses a risk to you and or others or that an emergency response is required please make contact with the Security Officer on site or contact 01204 903700. Examples of when you may need to use this method include:

  • you can smell gas
  • there is a leak which is causing damage
  • you have no lighting
  • you have no working electrics

What Happens after you have made a report?

By Reporting a defect, you are giving permission for authorised personnel to enter your room to investigate and carry out the necessary work even if you are not present. 

The following table shows the response time we aim to meet once a defect is reported.


Priority Status

Response Time

Emergency/Health and Safety

Immediate response to make safe. Where possible students will be kept informed of when the repair will take place


Within 24 Hours

Non Urgent

Work to be scheduled and student will be informed when possible of when the work is planned for.

Please note the above table shows our response time and not the time in which the defect will be repaired. We cannot state how long a repair will take until further investigations have been undertaken. 

Halls staff will investigate each report received. The work will be assigned to a member of the Facilities Team or to an external contractor. If an external contractor is required, things may take a little longer to resolve but we will try to keep you informed of the progress.

Where possible the Warden or Caretaker will keep you informed of the date and time maintenance work will be undertaken.

What happens if the repair cannot be completed in one visit?

Often defects reported require replacement parts or specialist trades. It may be that on the first visit no repairs are undertaken as parts are identified, there may be delays whilst parts are ordered and that subsequent visits are required.

We cannot guarantee that a defect reported will be fixed within one visit, if however the defect impedes on the quality of life for residents we will were possible identify other options available to us; these may include a temporary change of room, permanent change of room, provision of additional equipment or access to alternative facilities.

 Examples of Defects and there Priority Status for the purpose of investigation:


Defect Reported (Examples)

Priority Status for Response

Gas Leak

1 - Health and Safety/Emergency

No Heating or Hot Water in a flat

1 - Health and Safety/Emergency

Total loss of power

1 - Health and Safety/Emergency

Uncontainable Leak

1 - Health and Safety/Emergency

Insecure Ground Floor Window or Door

1 - Health and Safety/Emergency

Internal lockable door not working

1 - Health and Safety/Emergency

No lighting in a bedroom

1 - Health and Safety/Emergency

Leak which is containable

2 - Urgent

Bathroom or Kitchen Fan not working

2 - Urgent

Shower not working (access to bath)

2 - Urgent

Loss of power to one socket in a bedroom

3 - Non urgent

Dripping Tap

3 - Non urgent

Loss of one light in a bedroom – other lights are working

3 - Non urgent

An unusable toilet but access to a second toilet is available

3 - Non urgent


  • Fault/Defect Reporting
    By Reporting a defect, you are giving permission for authorised personnel to enter your room to investigate and carry out the necessary work even if you are not present.
  • Where is the fault/defect
    Answer the following questions to report the fault or defect. If the fault is not in a flat i.e. it is the common room or another communal area such as the stairwells please include this information in the box to report the nature of the fault.
  • Halls of Residence