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Costs and Contracts

How much will it cost to live in Halls?

The price of rent in the Halls of Residence for 2017/18 is £80.00 per week. The standard 38 weeks contract length for 2017/18 costs £3,040.00. You will need to pay a deposit of £200 up front in addition to this. The Halls fee for 2018/19 has not yet been confirmed. More information should be available by May 2018.

Do I have to pay extra for fuel bills and the internet?

No, all charges for heating, lighting and hot water are included in the cost. We also offer £5,000 worth of personal contents insurance to all residents.

How much deposit do I receive back?

This depends on the condition you have left your room and flat. You need to satisfy all the conditions within your contract, and you must not have any outstanding rent in order to receive the full £200 deposit back.

How can I pay for the Halls?

For a standard contract, there are three ways:-

In one ‘lump sum’ payment, this currently attracts a £200 discount for a standard contract if paid by a given date in your contract.

  • By instalment - currently three instalments (October, January and April)
  • In 8 monthly instalments.

 For a Semester One contract, there is one way to pay:

•          In one ‘lump sum’ payment

For a Semester Two contract, there are two ways to pay:

•          In one ‘lump sum’ payment

•          In two instalments

What is the length of a contract?

The standard contract length for 2017/18 is 38 weeks and begins on Saturday 16th September 2017 and will end on Saturday 9rd June 2018. This year, we have been able to offer early arrival contracts which began from Saturday 2nd September 2017. Subject to demand the University may be able to offer early arrival contracts for new residents for 2018/19.  More information on the cost and contract lengths for 2018/19 should be available in May 2018.

Students studying and staying in Halls for Semester One only have been given a contract which commences on Saturday 16th September 2017, and ends on Saturday 27th January, 2018.

Students studying and staying in Halls for semester two only, will be provided with a contract which begins on Saturday 27th January, 2018, and will end on Saturday 9th June, 2018. 

Students who apply and move into Halls after the contract start dates will be provided with a contract with the nearest Saturday to when the student collects their flat and room keys. The end date will always be standard and set the same as other students. Please contact us if you have questions regarding your arrival date.

Can I sign my contract on arrival?

No. Students will only be able to collect their room keys once their signed contract has been received either by a member of the Halls staff, or in the Student Centre.

Can I stay in the Halls whilst I look for alternate accommodation?

No. Due to the high demand for rooms, we are unable to offer guest accommodation at the start of any academic semester. We would advise that you do plenty of research on accommodation in Bolton before arrival or book a hotel for when you arrive if you are still undecided on accommodation on offer in Bolton.

What if I don't like living in the Halls and I want to leave?

As you have signed a legally binding residency contract if you leave the Halls to live elsewhere, either at home or in private accommodation, you will remain liable for the full costs of the accommodation. If you are experiencing problems within the accommodation from external factors which affect your ability to remain you should contact a member of staff in Student Services for further guidance by calling 01204 903733, emailing or visiting the Student Centre. Circumstances will be considered on an individual basis.

Rooms and Facilities

Do you have rooms with facilities for disabled students?

Yes, we have rooms available at each Halls of Residence designed specifically for disabled students. There is a section on the Halls application form for you to request an accessible room. Applications for accessible rooms are considered on individual merit.  Where appropriate, reasonable adjustments will be made to a standard room.  Please contact the Disability Service on 01204 903478 /, or visit the Student Centre for further information.

What size are the rooms?

The rooms at Orlando Village measure approximately 3.6m x 2.6m (12’ x 8’ 5”).

Do you have any en-suite facilities?

No, bathroom and kitchen facilities are shared between flat members.

How many toilets are there in a flat?

Within each flat at Orlando Village bathroom facilities include a shower cubicle, bath and two toilets.

Is there a communal area within the flat?

Within Orlando Village there is a communal dining area within each kitchen.

Is catering provided?

All the accommodation is self-catering. There are full kitchen facilities within each flat and supermarket facilities are close by.

What facilities and appliances are in the kitchens?

Within each kitchen at Orlando Village there is a fridge/freezer, combination microwave oven/grill, hob, table-top oven, kettle, and toaster. You should bring crockery and cutlery, cooking utensils and pans, tea towels and cleaning materials (washing up liquid, etc) and a small padlock to secure your food cupboard.

Can I bring my own microwave, kettle, electric heater etc?

Any electrical appliances which you bring to the Halls of Residence and which you intend to use in a communal area, such as a kitchen, requires Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). The Halls staff at the Halls of Residence are able to carry out this test for you. You should contact the staff at the Warden’s Lodge. Any cooking appliances including kettles, toasters, microwaves, etc cannot be used in bedrooms.

If you wish to bring your own table-top fridge or freezer, this can be kept in your bedroom. Deep fat fryers and chip pans are prohibited.

Can I set my own heating times?

The heating times are set by the Halls staff to provide a pleasant level of warmth at all times of the year. If you feel cold please speak to the Halls staff at the Halls of Residence.

How much wardrobe space is there?

The wardrobes measure 187cm x 55cm x 55cm (72” x 22” x 22”). You should bring your own coat hangers. Each room also has a chest of drawers and/or a bedside cabinet. 

Is bedding provided?

No. When you complete the Halls application form, you can request a bedding pack, consisting of a sheet, duvet, duvet cover, pillowcase and pillow or you may request a pack upon arrival (subject to stock). Bedding packs will cost £20 and you will be invoiced shortly after arrival. 

Do I need to bring an ironing board?

Ironing boards are provided to every flat. Students must provide their own irons which will require Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).

Are there facilities for me to wash my clothes?

There is one launderette at Orlando (located behind the Common Room).

The equipment is coin operated and are 9KG large load machines.

Washing machine £2.00 per load
Dryer £1.00 per load

These prices are subject to change.

These prices are subject to change.

Is there parking available?

There is extensive free parking at Orlando Village. Vehicles must be registered at your Warden’s Lodge or online via after you have moved in.

Personal Information and Living in Halls

Are there any time restrictions i.e. do I have to be back in Halls before 12 midnight?

No. You have 24 hour access to Orlando Village. Please ensure that you respect the right of other residents if you are returning late by ensuring that you ask taxis to stop at the Halls entrance and return to your room quietly.

How noisy is it within the Halls?

Occasionally there can be noise within the Halls. There are established procedures for controlling excessive noise or inconsiderate behaviour. Please report any problems to your Halls staff during office hours. Outside of office hours there is a 24 hour security service and they will respond to any problems you may be experiencing.

Are the Halls mixed gender flats?

At both Halls there are some flats that are mixed sex. You will not be placed in a mixed sex flat unless you have indicated your preference or agreement to this on your application form.

I have a friend who has applied for Halls, can we be placed together?

There is an option on the online application form for you to state whether you would like to make a group request. Although we will do our best to accommodate personal preferences to share with others we do not guarantee to do so.

Can I choose my room?

No, your room will be allocated by a member of staff, depending on your age and sex.

Can my friend stay with me at weekends?

You may have guests at the weekend (Friday and Saturday Night only) providing that you notify Halls staff in advance of their arrival (This is for fire safety purposes). There is a fee of £10 per night for a maximum of two nights.

Can I smoke in the flat?

No. If you have applied as a smoker and have been allocated a smoking room, you can only smoke within your room. The University of Bolton Halls of Residence is currently reviewing the smoking policy.

Who is responsible for cleaning my room / flat?

You will be responsible for keeping the flat clean and tidy. You will be expected to clean your own bedroom, do your own washing up and share in the cleaning of the communal areas of the flat. University cleaning staff will provide a weekly cleaning service and the cleaners will empty the bins on a daily basis.


Are the Halls safe?

The Halls offer a safe and secure environment for residents. There are separate keyed entry points to each accommodation block. Each flat has keyed entry, with each room having individual key access. CCTV operates at both Halls of Residence, and is used for crime detection and prevention. It assists with the identification of actions that might result in disciplinary proceedings against staff and students and to monitor security of campus buildings. 

Do you have security guards?

Yes, there is a 24 hour security service which can be summoned at any time.

Is it safe to store my bicycle within the Halls?

Although bicycle stands are supplied at Orlando Village all bicycles (and motor vehicles) are left entirely at the owner’s risk.

Can I store my bike in my flat/room?

No, bicycles may not be stored inside the Halls of Residence.

Computing and Communications

Can I bring my PC?

Yes, you may bring your PC.

Do you have telephones within each room?

No, you may find a mobile phone is a useful alternative.

Is there a line for Internet use?

There are internet access facilities available in all rooms at the Halls of Residence and the cost is included in the rent. You will be provided with an internet WiFi router to use during your stay and an ethernet cable which connects you to the Halls Res-Net service. The internet router and cable provided are at no additional cost but they do remain the property of the University. Therefore a charge will only occur if there is intentional damage caused to the equipment or if they are removed from the room at the end of the contract. More information about the Res-Net service can be found on the following link: There is also 24 hour, seven day access to the Library and their computers during term. 

Do you need a TV licence?

Yes, the TV Licensing Authority require that all students in Halls of Residence accommodation have their own individual licence. Although if you use a set for only 9 months of the year you may be able to obtain a refund on the proportion of the cost. Please check the TV Licensing website for more details.

Are there aerial points in each room?

No. Coaxial/aerial points are not available at the Halls of Residence. You are recommended to bring an amplified internal aerial.

Further Information

When should I apply for a room in Halls of Residence?

You must have firmly accepted an offer of a place to study at the University of Bolton before submitting your Halls of Residence application.  New students to the University are advised to apply as soon as accepting an offer of a place to study. 2017/18 application forms will be available from May 2017.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Please contact the Accommodation Team at Student Services directly on 01204 903481 or by email 

You may also follow us on Twitter @UoB_Accomm