The following information is for Continuing Students who are considering applying for a room in the Halls of Residence.


Currently in Halls and thinking of continuing your stay for the 2017/18 academic year from September? You did not want to apply for Halls at the start of the academic year but now would like a room for 2017/18? Applications are now available. There is a submission deadline of Friday 19th May 2017. Applications submitted are only processed if a £200 deposit has been paid and a passport photograph submitted, if you have not provided one to us before. Applications submitted after the deadline will be classed as late. This includes application forms submitted before the deadline with no deposit paid. Late applications will be considered in August 2017.

Student Services allocate 381 single study bedrooms within Orlando Village Halls of Residence. The University has set aside 70 rooms at Orlando Village for continuing or returning students. The application procedure will operate on a first-come first-served basis. If this quota is reached,  applications awaiting allocation will be added to a waiting list. Students added to the waiting list will be notified via their University email address and contacted should further rooms become available from 2nd September 2017. If you are added to the waiting list you are advised to look for private accommodation.

Halls of Residence Continuing Students 2017/18 Application Form

Continuing Student 2017/18 Guidance Notes

To apply, you may download a Halls application form (see above). Alternatively, you may complete and submit a form online (see below in the 'Apply Here' section for the online form). Please only submit one copy of the Halls of Residence application form. Please note that we require one passport photograph if you have not provided one in your previous year and a £200 deposit as part of your application. Halls applications without both of these will not be processed and may delay your allocation. Please read the Continuing Student Guidance Notes as an example of how you should complete your application. Alternatively, you may contact us by email or telephone to discuss the application process.

The cost is £80 per week, £3,040.00 for the full academic year (38 weeks contract). 

If your studies are just for one semester, you would be provided with a 19 weeks contract. The total cost is £1,520.00.

Summer Accommodation

Do your studies continue after Saturday 3rd June 2017? Do you need to stay further because of commitments in Bolton? A limited number of rooms in summer accommodation will be available in Orlando Village Halls of Residence from Saturday 3rd June 2017 until Saturday 2nd September 2017. Only current Halls residents can apply for summer accommodation. The cost will be £80.00 per week and you will be expected to pay 2 weeks halls fees in advance before Saturday 27th May 2017. You will be invoiced the 2 weeks amount and for the remainder of the accommodation for your chosen duration of stay. We will ask for payment in instalments.

To apply, you will need to complete a Summer Halls application form and submit it to Student Services (Student Centre) by Friday 19th May 2017. It can also be emailed to

Summer Accommodation Application 2016/17

 If you need to stay in Halls beyond the 2nd September 2017, you must make sure you have applied for a room using the Halls 2017/18 application form and paid a £200 deposit.

Important Information

The submission of an application does not guarantee a place in Halls.

The fact that you are a resident this academic year does not give you a specific right or entitlement to be re-admitted next academic year. You should inform your parents, partner and other interested parties of this.

The University does not undertake to allocate specific rooms to any student or groups.

Criteria for selection. The following criteria will determine your selection.

A satisfactory record of licence fee payments . Your licence fee payments will be checked. Only residents with a satisfactory record of payments will be considered.

A record of good behaviour during your time at the University . If in the opinion of Student Services staff, your behaviour or attitude has been unacceptable to them or to your fellow residents, you will not be considered for re-admission. Non–attendance at fire lectures and records of excessive noise or bad behaviour will also be taken into account.

Deductions from your deposit. You must clean your room on departure leaving it in a tidy and undamaged condition and return your keys to the Wardens’ lodge.


2017/18 Online Submission Form - Academic Year and Semester One 


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