Tier 4 students - Working during your studies:

Your Tier 4 visa will state the number of hours per week which you are entitled to work. This will be either 10 or 20 hours per week during term time, depending on the academic level and length of your course of study.

UK Visas and Immigration clarified in April 2017 that they define a week as 'a period of 7 days beginning with a Monday. 

Term time is any period when you are supposed to be doing academic work for example attendance at class, preparing for an exam, undertaking research or writing an assignment, dissertation or Thesis.  

PhD and Masters students do not follow the standard academic calendar.

Vacation time for Research students is to be agreed with a students Director of Studies and must be confirmed in writing with the Research and Graduate School. Please note vacation for PhD students is 40 days per calendar year and must be taken on Public holidays and university closure, this leaves 29 days to take with agreement from your Dircetor of Studies.   

For Postgraduate students you should check with your Programme Leader or Personal Tutor. If you are completing academic work over vacation periods this is considered term time.

During vacation periods providing you are not considered to be doing academic work there are no restrictions on the number of hours you can work. 

If you are unsure please check with the Immigration and Welfare Officer. It is a breach of your immigration status to work more hours than your visa permits.

There are certain types of work that you are not permitted to undertake. This includes:

  • Self employment and Business activity
  • Professional sportperson incluing a Coach
  • Entertainer
  • A permanent full-time job
  • Doctor or Dentist in training unless you are on the Foundation Programme

Your employer will ask you to provide a letter from the University confirming the term and vacation dates of each academic year. If you are required to provide a letter to your employer you will need to request this in the Student Centre, Chancellors Mall, by telephone 01204 903733 or email studentadvisors@bolton.ac.uk

Working after your studies

Once you have completed your studies you are able to continue working in the UK during the short period that your visa permits you to be in the UK after your course ends providing that this is on a temporary or rolling contract and it is not a permanent position.

If you leave your course before the expected end date you are not entitled to work regardless of the expiry date of your visa.

Your employer may ask for confirmation that you have completed your studies at the University. If you need a letter you can request this in the Student Centre, Chancellors Mall, by telephone 01204 903733 or email studentadvisors@bolton.ac.uk

Important information

If your visa is an entry clearance vignette in your passport this must be in your current passport in order for you to work in the UK. If your entry clearance vignette is in an expired passport you will not be permitted to work in the UK and you should apply to the Home Officer for a Transfer of Conditions. 

The Immigration and Welfare Officer can provide advise and assistance with the Transfer of Conditions application. 




Last reviewed July 2017.