This information provides details of the financial arrangements for those intending to begin one of the above courses at University of Bolton in the 2017/18 academic year. This information was correct at the time of writing (August 2016) though it is subject to change. Please visit for the latest information and to apply for funding online. 

Course Fees (Home/EU Students) 

Tuition fees for the above courses if studies on the University of Bolton campus are £9,000.

Please note if you are studying your course at a franchise institution the tuition fees may vary from the above figure.  

Financial Assistance  

Tuition Fee Loan  

If you wish to defer payment of your tuition fees until after the completion of your course you may apply to take out a tuition fee loan to cover the cost of the course. If you choose this option the tuition fees will be paid directly from the Student Loans Company to the University. You will start to repay this loan after the completion of your course and when you are earning over £21,000. 

Student Maintenance Loan 

  • A student maintenance loan of up to £8,430 may be available for full time students studying at University of Bolton who are not living with their parents. The maximum loan amount for students who are living at home with their parents is £7,097.
  • For students in receipt of certain benefits the maximum loan may be increased to £9,609 for students who are not living with their parents or up to £8,372 for students living at home with their parents.
  • Maintenance loans for students aged 60 or over may be available up to a maximum of £3,566.
  • Maintenance loans are partially subject to household income assessment. 

Childcare Grant 

For full time students with dependent children in registered and approved childcare. A payment of up to 85% of the actual childcare costs is available. This award is dependent on

household income, maximum payment £159.59 per week for one child, £273.60 per week for two or more children. 

Parents’ Learning Allowance 

For full time students who have dependent children. This award is dependent on household income, maximum award £1,617. 

For further information on help for student parents please visit the website below: 

Adult Dependants’ Grant 

For full time students who have adult dependents. This award is dependent on household income, maximum award £2,834. 

Additional Support 

There may be additional support available from the government in the form of bursaries. For the latest information please visit the link below:

Specifically, Nick Boles, the Skills Minister, has stated: 

“To support the FE sector to recruit sufficient specialist maths and English teachers, we are pleased to confirm that the Government will continue to fund the FE initial teacher training bursaries for a further two years (16/17 and 17/18). Over the past three years, this scheme has provided over 1,000 bursaries, with over 850 of these supporting graduates to train to teach maths or English.  

These bursaries will continue to be offered at the same rates as those offered for school teachers in these subjects. We will provide more details on the guidance and process for accessing these bursaries shortly”. 

Should you require any further information please contact: 

SFE financial queries:                                                        

Ms Karen Bentley, Mrs Carol Gray or Dr. Antonia Hayes                                     

Student Funding/Bursaries and Scholarships Advisors      

01204 903497 or 01204 903499/903448                                   

Course and bursary queries:

Tel: 01204 903903 or 01204 903373    

The above funding is not available for any of the above courses for students who have previously attained Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

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