Alumni Taught Masters Scholarship 2017/18

The Alumni Taught Masters Scholarship will be awarded to full-time and part-time U.K. and E.U. Masters students, irrespective of their financial means, who progress to a University of Bolton Taught Masters Course, having first completed an undergraduate Higher Education (H.E.) course of study or PGCE/PGDE/PDE/Cert Ed at University of Bolton. You must also have registered to become a member of the Bolton Alumni Association.

To register to become an Alumni member and for more information about Alumni please visit the link below:


£1,000 will be paid as a tuition fee waiver. For full-time students this award will be made within one academic year and for part-time students the award will be made over the anticipated duration of the course.

Eligibility for the scholarship

In order to apply you will need to demonstrate that:

  • You have successfully completed an undergraduate H.E. course of study or PGCE/PGDE/PDE/Cert Ed at      University of Bolton. There is no restriction on how long ago you completed the qualifying course.
  • You must be studying a full-time or part-time Taught Masters MA or MSc course at the University of Bolton. ITT Teacher Training courses are not eligible courses for the Alumni Taught Masters Scholarship as students on these courses are eligible to apply for undergraduate funding from the Student Loans Company. Please note the award will be paid for full 180 credit Masters courses only, not partial Masters courses. 
  • You must not be in receipt of any other award from the university.
  • You must not be in receipt of any other kind of sponsorship towards your tuition fees for example from an employer.
  • The course of study must have commenced in September 2017 or later.

Applying for the Scholarship 

In order to receive the scholarship towards fees students must have completed an application form. The form for the scholarship will be available in the Student Centre, Chancellor's Mall or can be downloaded from the link below:

Alumni Taught Masters Scholarship application form

The following evidence should be included with your completed application form:

  • A photocopy of your certificate or evidence of completion for your qualifying course of study from the University of Bolton.
  • Evidence that you have registered to become a member/are a member of Bolton Alumni and Friends Association (BAFA).

The completed application and evidence can be submitted to the Student Centre or posted to: 

Alumni Masters Scholarship Scheme

Student Centre

Chancellor's Mall

University of Bolton

Deane Road



Tel: 01204 903903

E mail:

Notification of Award  

You will be notified whether your application has been successful or not via your university e mail address. 

The invoicing department will receive confirmation from the Student Funding team, that you are eligible and will adjust your invoice accordingly. 

If you defer entry onto your course of study you will need to re-apply for the Alumni Masters Scholarship before commencement of your studies. 

If you are not awarded a Scholarship the university has a Student Funding advice team who can advise you on possible alternative sources of funding for postgraduate study: 

Ms Karen Bentley: telephone 01204 903497 and Mrs Carol Gray/Dr Antonia Hayes: telephone 01204 903499/01204 903448 or email:

For further information regarding sources of funding for postgraduate study please visit:

Terms and conditions 

Scholarships will not be paid to students undertaking industrial or work experience on a full time "sandwich" basis. Students studying abroad also will not be eligible to receive the Scholarship.  

Students who transfer from B Eng to M Eng will not be eligible to receive the Taught Masters Alumni Scholarship. 

The Alumni Taught Masters Scholarship shall not be awarded to full or part-time students studying PhD or MPhil courses. 

The Alumni Taught Masters Scholarship shall not be awarded for Research courses. 

٭Please note the deadline for applications for courses commencing September 2017 is 31 October 2017.

٭Please note the deadline for applications for courses commencing January 2018 is 28 February 2018. 

*The Alumni Masters Scholarship will be paid for first Masters courses only, not second or subsequent courses.

*Payments will be terminated if the student withdraws, transfers to another institution, fails their programme of study, or interrupts or suspends their studies.  

*Payments are subject to continuing and satisfactory attendance on the course. 


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