The new National Centre for Motorsport Engineering houses high-specification laboratories and workshops, specially designed demonstration areas and seminar rooms, and collaborative workspaces.

Designed and equipped to enable students to develop their ideas from initial thought through to production and testing, the facilities will support our ‘Teaching Intensive, Research Informed’ approach. Student projects will mimic the research and development process used in industry, helping them prepare for a successful and rewarding career in motorsport engineering.

We've built on the already impressive array of vehicles and equipment formerly housed in our existing Centre for Advanced Performance Engineering. Currently* we have:

  • Ginetta G40 Junior race car
  • Ginetta G55 GT4 race car
  • Aquila Synergy single-seater experimental car
  • Keating TKRS supercar
  • Keating Berus (in build)
  • A range of CNC milling machines and lathes
  • Specialist wind tunnel technology for the study of aerodynamics
  • FARO Edge 3D scanner used for high tolerance measuring
  • Dynocom DC5000 rolling road
  • Engine dynamometer for measuring force, torque and power
  • Motec ADL2 data acquisition system for evaluating in detail the effects of changes made to race car set up
  • Computer aided design/modelling, with 2D and 3D software and computational fluid dynamics
  • A range of industry standard tools.

*Information correct as at 3 October 2017

ncme1  ncme2  ncme3Student and technician working on Ginetta G55  image2  Students using wind tunnelimage4  image5  image6Student looking at a crankshaft  Students and technician examining an engine  NCME Electronics Laboratory