Name: Jana Rozehnalova 

Age: 29

Programme: PhD Psychology

Hometown: Prague, Czech Republic

Jana Christmas EU Ambassador

What has been your experience of the University of Bolton so far from bachelors degree to PhD?

''I have always been hungry for knowledge and academic achievement. Sadly, in my own country, I was not given the opportunity to prove and apply my skills in practice. Therefore, opportunity was the most certainly the greatest thing I received from the University of Bolton. I could do my bachelors degree here and I was able to work in the Student's shop and the Vista bar to support my study. After completing my undergraduate degree obtaining a first class Honours, I was offered a job at the university Main Reception.''

 ''I wanted to study further but had no funding, so I was just hoping for another opportunity to come to me one day - and it did. Being focused and delivering an exceptional work during my undergraduate degree, my tutors remembered me and one day I received an opportunity to work with the biology department and create a very unique PhD proposal which combined psychology with molecular genetics. I prepared a very detailed proposal, which I presented to the Vice Chancellor. He was very impressed and he concluded that this project was worth funding - so, I received a full VC scholarship and a full fee waiver for three years. I have learned so much and I have been given many opportunities to teach psychology undergraduate students and even deliver several MSc classes. The University of Bolton truly is what it claims to be: "Teaching Intensive, Research Informed” and people will really go out of their way to support you.''

 What activities do you do outside of your degree?

''I have many passions from cooking to performing arts but I rarely find time to do any of them at the moment. I am a mother of nearly 2 year old daughter, so my family takes up all my time outside the university!''

What do you hope to do after you have finished studying at the University of Bolton?

''I really want to teach. I enjoy teaching so much and I feel like I have something to give to the students. Interestingly, it is not knowledge - I really don't believe in teaching students millions of theories, research methods or step-by-step approaches to problem solving, they can find that out in books, papers or on the Internet themselves. What I feel is much more important, is to let them experience the passion that one can have for things in life and teach them to believe in themselves, in their own unique skills, talents and abilities and apply them in practice to achieve their full potential. I want to continue to educate myself further in this way, so I do hope that one day I will receive another opportunity to become a lecturer at the University of Bolton, which has become my second home.''

 Favourite place or thing to do in Bolton/ Manchester?

''I enjoy visiting Queen’s Park with my daughter which is just 10 minutes’ walk away from the campus.''

Is there anything that you wished you knew before you started?

''I really can't think of anything - I've really had all the support I needed. But if I was to give one advice to all students it would be don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Don't expect people to know what you think and how you feel - not even your tutors. If you need something, you need to speak up. If you don't you can only blame yourself. Opportunities are given to those who seek them."

Jana is studying her PhD as part of the Research and Graduate School with the subject field of Psychology.  

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