Samuthini Revathan

BA (Hons) Accountancy

Samuthini RevathanI first heard about the University of Bolton from a friend (also from Sri Lanka) who had studied here. I was studying a Foundation programme at Kingston University and was looking to progress onto a degree in accountancy. I chose Bolton because their BA in Accountancy offered the maximum number of ACCA exemptions. The tuition fees and low cost of living was another reason why I chose to come and study here. I believe that the UK is the best place to study Accountancy.

All the staff at Bolton have been very helpful to me. For example, I had to renew my visa which I thought would be a long and difficult process. However, the immigration and welfare officer in Student Services assisted me through the renewal process which was a great help. 

I’m currently in my final year of BA (Hons) Accountancy. I have enjoyed the whole of my course but I am particularly interested in auditing and taxation. One of the best aspects of my course is the academic support I receive from my lecturers. If I ever have any doubts about any part of my work or if I do not understand something, it’s very easy to meet up with the relevant tutor to discuss any concerns. I’ve made a lot of friends on my course.

Some advice to other international students who are coming to study in the UK:
•    Keep warm! The cold weather will be a shock particularly if you are from countries with hot climates like Sri Lanka. You will get used to it within 2 or 3 months.
•    Make friends with students from the UK and from other countries – don’t just make friends with other students from your own country. It is a good way of improving your English and learning slang words!
•    Another tip for improving your English: read newspapers, listen to the radio and watch TV.
•    Spend time in the library. Perhaps unlike degrees in some other countries, you are expected to undertake a number of hours of independent study in addition to your classes. It is really important to do this as you will be expected to expand on what you have learnt in lectures. I set aside certain times during the week when I will go to the library so independent study actually becomes part of my weekly timetable.

My future plans are to take my remaining ACCA examinations and qualify as an accountant either in the UK or back in Sri Lanka.