Karthick Kanchi Govarthanam, PHD Technical Textiles & MSC Advanced Materials 

Karthick Kanchi GovarthanamI have just completed my final year of my PhD in Technical Textiles and I hope to become a well known expert/consultant in Technical Textiles and share my knowledge with as many people as possible. I chose the University of Bolton for my MSc in Advanced Materials because The Centre for Materials Research and Innovation Department (CMRI) in Bolton offered a modular course which gave me the freedom to choose the areas I was interested in. When I progressed onto my PhD I chose to stay at the University of Bolton (UoB) because I was very drawn to the fact that I could develop something new (in my case), I had the freedom to choose the path that I wanted to specialise in and to know that I was going to know something that no one has never known in this world. It felt good to know that when we completed the course, we would be providing a tiny bit of information that had been researched and found only by us.

At UoB the library facilities are quite extensive and the University provides 24 hour access to computers over 365 days. With the introduction of laptops, it has enabled students to go mobile and to discuss as groups.

Bolton is a fairly new university, but it has well experienced staff and facilities. It provides easy access to all facilities and meeting with tutors is very easy. I have used the Student Support Services quite often and the staff there have been very helpful in every instance, right from when I arrived in Bolton.

I can say with hand on my heart that the CMRI department has some of the most experienced experts in their fields and the help and support that they provide is so great that you can approach them anytime with even the silliest of questions and they will answer them with so much patience.

I have been highly active with International Society for the past 4 years. The International Society arranges trips to various parts of the UK and various events which enable the students/staff to meet people from various other countries and cultures. It has provided a great platform to make friends.

I have also taken part in various activities that the sports club conducts over weekdays such as rock climbing, salsa dance and kick boxing.

My advice to international students would be to feel free to approach people and initiate a talk. They are also new to this place and may be either reluctant or shy to initiate a chat just as you are. Everyone is friendly once you start talking. Taking part in extracurricular activities and joining clubs provides enormous opportunities to make friends. The International Society is highly recommended if you want to meet and make friends from different countries and learn about lots of different cultures.

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