Name: Boluwatife Oyesola

Age: 19

Programme: BA Hons Accountancy 

Hometown: Abeokuta, Nigeria 

 Boluwatife 2

What has been your experience of the University of Bolton so far? 

"My experience so far as an international student at the University of Bolton has been incredible. Both my academic and social life are well balanced, no day is the same so looking forward to new experiences everyday is incomparable."

What activities do you do outside of your degree? 

"I love working as an ambassador at the University of Bolton and Greater Manchester Higher. I love cooking, Having a good laugh with friends. I am also the treasurer of two brillant society at the University of Bolton; the international society and the african-caribbean society, so I help organise different fun events for students which is great!''

What do you hope to do after you have finished studying at the University of Bolton? 

''I hope to finish with a first and secure a graduate job in a well recognised and reputable accountancy firm whilst doing my professional exams to qualify as a chartered accountant. I would also like to further my education and do my masters. As I would become a University Of Bolton graduate I know the sky is my starting point. I would love to travel the world as well.''

Favourite place or thing to do in Bolton?

''To be honest I think my friends and even lecturers would say the library at the University is my favourite place because it is. It is a well relaxing environment and I can spend time to think and assimilate well. I literally spend most of my time there.

As for my social I like the museum and the shopping mall is where I also spend my spare time.''

Is there anything that you wished you knew before you started? 

''I wished I knew there would be so many opportunities and involvement both in the University and outside it.

I wished I knew that lecturers would always be welcoming. I used to think lecturers would be so distant and not interested in student welfare and that people would be hostile at Uni. Bolton has changed that mindset and I have the most loving and hardworking lecturers ever they always have a listening ears and thier availablity is incredible.''

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