How much do I pay ? 

From April 2015 you will pay between 7.4% to 11.7% of Pensionable Earnings. 

What are my benefits ?

Depending on your age and when you joined the scheme will determine the following :

1. When do I retire ?

2. What are my benefits ?

3. What are the opportunities to increase my benefits ?

4. How does career average work ?

5. How does a break in service impact on me?


If you have any queries about changes in hours, increasing the amount of benefits please contact me.

What can I do as a scheme member ?

Teachers Pension Scheme have said that they will not issue any more paper benefit statements. As a member of the scheme you will need to register at links: 

You will need to know your date of birth, your National Insurance number and your Department of Education & Science reference number. Once you are registered you can make changes to personal details or change death grant nominees and complete and return forms online. 

If you are in doubt about anything pension related please contact Martin Evans,