1. What do I pay ? 

From April 2015, you will pay between 5.5% and 12.5% of Pensionable Earnings. This will provide 1/49th accrual from April 2014. You have the option of 50:50 where the fund provides 1/98th accrual but you would only pay 50% employee contributions 2.75% to 6.25%. Overtime will attract pension contributions.

2. What are my benefits ?

This depends on a couple of things. If you joined before April 2008 you will have a 1/80th accrual expressed in years and days with 3/80ths automatic cash. From April 2008 you will have 1/60th accrual expressed in years and days with no automatic cash . From April 2014 you will have 1/49th accrual which is expressed as your monthly pensionable earnings added together and divided by /49ths plus indexation.

Please note that once you get over 60 the Pension Fund applies an Early Retirement Factor based on years and days to your benefit as at 31 March. If you have any queries please ask ?

3. What are the opportunities to increase my benefits ?

The scheme booklet sets out the differences between paying Additional Voluntary contributions to Prudential and paying Additional Pension Contributions to the Pension Fund.