Candice-Simms-400Which department was your internship with?

Education and Psychology Department 

What was your internship focused on?

Psychology Research Assistant 

What do you see as the benefits of undertaking an internship?

It was a great chance for me to implement the skills I gained when I studied for my degree. I was also able to learn new skills and strengthen my knowledge in the research area of Psychology. 

How do you think the internship has helped towards planning your future career?

I was really unsure which area I wanted to go into after achieving my BSc (hons) Criminological and Forensic Psychology. Doing a Research Internship has been a great stepping stone in my career. Through researching Health Anxiety I now see my future in Health Psychology. 

What did you enjoy most about the internship?

I have met some great friends and I have received very good support from my managers. I also really enjoy research, so having a job which is also my hobby has probably been the best thing. 

What skills do you feel you gained from the internship experience?

Learning new research skills has really prepared me for my Masters in Health Psychology more than any other job could. Through conducting interviews I have become a lot more confident, and that has really helped me out for when I'm attending job interviews myself. 

What advice would you give to students considering applying for an internship through this programme next year?

Really make an impression in your interview but most importantly be yourself. If you don't feel you have a certain skill that is in the description, show you're willing to learn and develop new skills. 

Please summarise your experience as an intern?

I have really enjoyed the whole experience as an intern. The skills and knowledge I have gained have helped me secure a job at Bupa, a job which I probably wouldn't have got if I hadn't done this internship. I have met some great people and the research I have conducted has been really successful, so all in all it has been really worth doing.