Laws of Arms

Warrant and under Seal granted 5 March 1990

The University of Bolton

The Arms following that is to say:

Or Fretty Gules overall three Moorcocks two and one Sable a Bordure Gules charged with eight Pomegranates Or seeded Gules And for the Crest (above) upona Helm with a Wreath Or Gules An Elephant statant proper its trappings Or charged on either side (one being manifest) with a Rose Gules barbed and seeded proper plain gorged and attached by achain to the trunk of a Hazel Nut Tree Or Fructed Gules Mantled Gules Doubled Or And by theauthority aforesaid We do further grant and assign the following Device or Badge (not shown above)that is to say Four arrows in Cross Gules the barbs outwards and extending beyond a Chaplet ofLaurel Or and surmounted by a Pomegranate Gules seeded Gold.
(Heraldic terms: 'Or' is gold,'Gules' is red, as in red gullet)
Motto: "SAPIENTIA SUPERAT MORAS" ~ 'Wisdom overcomes difficulty'