The same knowledge that is used to enable fighter planes to fly at supersonic speed is utilised in motorsport to create a winning formula.

The event is suitable for people of all ages who are curious about how maths and physics is applied in motorsport to reduce drag forces and increase performance in motorsport. It is ideal for students reading GCSE and A level in physics or mathematics. Also suited to students reading engineering at pre-degree undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


We welcome you to our master-class Seminar headed by Professor Willem Toet, who is an advisor to the University of Bolton’s National Centre for Motorsport Engineering (NCME).

Background to Professor Toet

At the age of 16, Willem left home to complete further education and then progress to university. From mid 80’ to 2015 Willem worked in Formula 1, mostly as Head of Aerodynamics. He worked for Benetton, Ferrari, BAR/Honda and BMW/Sauber. Even today, Willem maintains his links to F1 and motorsport through consulting roles and very much enjoys dissemenating his expertise and knowledge (although regrettably infrequently), to students and academics through university visits.


In 1985 he joined what was then the Toleman Formula 1 team (later Benetton) and was responsible for wind tunnel work and lap time simulation. In 1991 he was one of the Benetton engineers who left to join Reynard to design the original Reynard F1 car and later returned to Benetton only to be head hunted by Ferrari at the end of 1994, following Michael Schumacher's World Championship success. He worked at Ferrari for five years as Head of Aerodynamics and then later returned to Britain in 1999 to be a Senior Aerodynamicist at British American Racing, where he stayed until the end of 2005 afterwhich he moved to join the new BMW Sauber operation.

Williem is also an open, enthusiastic and entertaining motorsport professional who loves to explain what really happens in the workings of top-level motorsport. His life has given him a wide-ranging understanding of motor vehicles and what makes them fast.  Willem created one of the first successful lap time simulation software packages used in Formula 1 and believes strongly in the power of mathematics and engineering science. This interest has helped him drive forward the abilities of various software and hardware tools such as computer simulation codes and wind tunnels. He is particularly interested in using shared knowledge to improve performance.

Willem particularly enjoys giving insights into how things work from engineering, business and human perspectives – he becomes delighted in finding simple ways to explain complex systems and processes. He believes that mistakes made in life helps you to understand and grow – and often shares these lessons in life so we can learn and progress.

The University of Bolton is proud to be associated with a world class motorsport aerodynamicist Professor Willem Toet.

Itinery for the Event

To attend this event you must complete the registration form before 7th October 2017.

15:00                 Arrival at NCME
15:15                 Welcome by the Provost and the Director of NCME
15:30                 Tour of faciiities
16:45                 Travel to main lecture theatre
17:00                 Refreshments
17:45                 Assemble for Main event
18:00                 Main event - Professor Toet will lead the panel that will consist of Dr Mark Busfield, Director of                                  NCME. Dr Tony Keating, CEO Keating Supercars and Consultant to NCME

19:00                 Lecture and Q&A with Professor Toet
                         Panel to engage a discussion with the auidence about motorsport engineering.

20:00                 Closing remarks by Dr Mark Busfield.

In particular this event is expected to be oversubscribed so please register your interest as soon as possible, and before Oct 7th 2017. We will confirm your place at the event on the 9th October 2017. The event has a limited capacity of 150 seats and we will prioritise registration for students who are registered with the NCME.

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Schools and colleges wanting to bring groups of people are welcome to do so, if you would like to discuss the arrangements and health and safety policies please contact Ruth Taylor

We plan to live stream the event, more details will be available soon. 

For an interactive map please go here.