Institutional Events: Events Approval Procedure

All events are subject to the approval of the Directorate of Institutional Advancement this will be determined by feasibility in relation to the already submitted events programme.

Events that require support from the Directorate of Institutional Advancement are ones which include special activity of institutional significance, are not routine in nature or are ones which involve significant attendance by external parties.

The DIA will then decide the level of support which is needed and will then provide support and also observe its conduct.

This will involve ensuring that your event is consistently branded maintaining the reputation of the University as a centre of excellence.

If you wish to discuss your university event before completing the form below, please contact our Marketing & Events Officer, Aimee-Louise Smith, by email at or telephone on 01204 903359.

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For all event enquiries, please complete the form below and your request will be reviewed. Where possible, we are asking for no less than 8 weeks’ notice of events so that we have enough time to work with colleagues across the University on making your event a success. 


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