The University of Bolton Northern Photography Symposium

Publishing, Presenting and Exhibiting: Reaching 21st Century Audiences- A View from the North

Opportunities for exhibiting, publishing and presenting photography in the twenty-first century have changed dramatically with the growth of social media, specialist and self-publishing channels. In a crowded global media landscape, how do established practitioners develop their practice and generate new projects? How do they communicate with existing and new audiences? What can we learn about building and maintaining a reputation?

We asked four experts to discuss publishing, presenting and exhibiting photography. How Mandy, John and John, through many years experience, deal with the issue of getting their work in front of the eyes of the people that need to see it. How Thomas selects, plans and presents work to audiences within an established photographic gallery?

Mandy Barker- International Environmental Photographer
Doctor John Darwell- International Artist Photographer and Academic
Thomas Dukes- Curator at Open Eye Photographic Gallery, Liverpool
Professor John Kippin- International Landscape Photographer and Academic


Photo Credit: © Mandy Barker 2017