The Careers Service works closely with a range of employers, from large national organisations to small local companies, with the overall aim of supporting students to become more employable.

The Careers Service works with employers in the following ways:

Advertising Job Vacancies: We have a vacancy advertising service available to employers, which all current students and graduates can access.  Employers will upload the vacancies themselves, but staff at the Careers Service will check and review them, and ensure that all are suitable for advertising.

Events: We organise a range of events on campus such as a part-time jobs and volunteering fairs.  These events usually last for one day.  If academic departments would like to run a specific careers-related event then please contact us on ext.3080 to discuss further.

Internships: We are involved in arranging a number of internships for students and are able to provide advice and share best practice with both employers and colleagues within the University.

Brokerage: The Careers Service will try, where possible, to bring together academic staff with employers in order to support the design and delivery of the curriculum, provide a 'real life' perspective of the current labour market and to support the development of career management skills such as interview and job search techniques.

Raising Profile: The Careers Service will work to raise the profile of employers and the opportunities that they can provide.  This may involve sponsoring an event, holding dedicated displays or attendance at a jobs fair.


Referring an Employment Opportunity

University staff, in the course of their work, may come across opportunities for student employment.  We are happy to advertise these positions.  It is best if the employer is referred to us and we will then follow this up, and gather the necessary information.

As with all employment opportunities we need the full details of where the work is, the hours required, the job role, rate of pay, skills required and method of application. For graduate vacancies we would normally ask the employer to input the vacancy on our Job shop website and for part-time work we would email a vacancy form.

This is usually very successful, but as we are not a recruitment agency, it is not possible for us to recruit students on an employers behalf or "just send someone along". Employers will need to organise their own recruitment and interview procedures.  We will advertise all opportunities as stated within our  Job Shop Code of Practice.