Why is Employer Research Important?

When applying for a large range of jobs it is vital that you spend time and energy on researching the employers you are interested in working for.  Avoiding this part of the application process could cost you that job!  One of the biggest comments and feedback we receive from employers is that candidates do not 'do their homework' about the company, and also about the role they are applying for.  Ultimately, it shows that you are keen and interested in working for their company.

Find out...Background Information

1. What does the organisation do?

2. Which markets or service areas does it operate within?

3. What projects is it working on?

4. What products or services does it sell?

5. Where is it located?

6. Are there growth areas?

7. What are the core values and mission of the organisation?

8. What are their marketing campaigns?

9. Who are their competitors?

10. What is their annual turnover?

Find out...Recruitment Information

1. What roles are available to graduates?

2. What do the graduate roles involve?

3. What degree discipline is needed to work for the company?

4. Are there specific qualifications that you will need?

5. What general and specific skills are needed?

6. What time of the year do they recruit?

7. How do you apply?

8. When is the application deadline?

9. What does the rest of the recruitment process involve?

10. Which careers fairs do the organisation attend?

Using Your Research

You need to consider whether this is the right employer for you?  You may be drawn to them beacuse they are a national 'brand', or maybe your parents think they are a 'good' firm to work for.  Ultimately, you have to decide if you can work for them.

Once you have gathered all of your employer research, make sure you use it.  Tailor your application to ensure you address the skills and qualities they are looking for.  These should be highlighted on your CV or job application.

Always stress in your covering letter or application why you want to work for them.  State how the information you have found out about them ties with what you are looking for in an employer.

Sources of Information

  • Check out the rest of the Careers Service website, in particular view our graduate website link.
  • Always start with the actual employer's website - this should provide you with a wealth of information.  The majority of organisations will have their own company website.  Look carefully for their graduate sections and Facebook and Twitter links.
  • National newspapers and trade press - in print and online.
  • Company annual reports and publications.
  • Career magazines
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Social media

Research Employers Online